September 11, 2009 - Eight Years in the Making, a Local Community’s Special Skills and Donated Efforts Complete Unique 9/11 Courthouse Memorial

New Port Richey’s West Pasco Judicial Center to hold official ceremony in honor of 9/11 victims and recognize locals who gave time and talent to complete meaningful memorial

New Port Richey, FL – A lack of budget and manpower didn’t stop Pasco County judicial assistant Mary Bray from realizing her vision of resurrecting of an official 9/11 memorial in the judicial center’s atrium—a display she hoped would touch the lives of visitors for years to come. Eight years and plenty of heartfelt dedication later, Mary, and a list of local artists, craftsmen and organizations “made it happen in the most remarkable way,” says Mary, proving the 2001 attacks continue to bond Americans.

Who/When: This Friday, September 11th, 2009 at 12:00P.M., the media is invited to join Mary Bray and the West Pasco County Judicial Center.

Why: For a dedication and memorial to honor the 9/11 victims, to unveil the completed memorial and officially recognize the community volunteers who dedicated their abilities and resources to complete this unique memorial.

What: The courthouse will officially dedicate and recognize:

  1. The ‘Flag of Heroes’ and ‘Flag of Honor,’ created by craftsman John Michelotti, beginning in 2001. (His goal is to see these flags hanging in every building in America so that those who died would never be forgotten.) The Flag of Honor contains the complete list of names of the September 11th attack victims. The Flag of Heroes contains the names of the emergency personnel and first responders who died so others could live.
  2. A “We Shall Never Forget” themed plaque designed and donated by local graphic artist, Evan LoBalbo (pictured above/right, the plaque depicts a scroll, the World Trade Center and Pentagon Building)
  3. The museum mounting and framing of the Flag of Honor, completed and donated by The Friends of the Pasco County Library System
  4. The Flag of Heroes’ museum mounting and framing, completed and donated by the Pasco County Firefighters Benevolent Association
  5. Plaques acknowledging the volunteer community members for their support, created and donated by Les Adams of the Miami-Dade Bomb Squad
  6. The memorial wall painting, completed by Vito Tambasco of the Pasco County Maintenance Department
  7. Hardware for flags and plaques, installed by Morgan Reed, Bob Cox and Robby Middleton of the Pasco County Maintenance Department. Ironically, while working, Morgan Reed noticed the names of four of his friends on the Flag of Heroes, all killed in the attacks. Touched, Mr. Reed decided he wanted to contribute to the project and suggested he build a railing to protect the flags from being handled.

Where: In the lobby of the West Pasco Judicial Center, located at 7530 Little Road in New Port Richey, Florida.

“I am overwhelmed by the generosity and support of the people who have come forward to complete my dream of honoring those we lost in the attacks on our country. I know now that, at least in this courthouse, ‘We shall never forget,’” explains Mary.

Media Opportunities: Mary Bray and Volunteers are available for interview. Please contact Julie Robbins at (813) 448-7717