March 04, 2013 - America's Sugar Problem May Be Worse Than We Think

Tampa-based wellness doctor reveals surprising sugar culprits – straight from our kitchen pantries

Tampa, FL -- America is addicted to sugar and we’re nursing our sweet tooth by more than just the spoonful. The recommended amount of sugar intake for an average adult male is 9 teaspoons per day, according to the American Heart Association.  Not surprisingly, the average adult consumes 22 teaspoons daily or more! Tampa based wellness doctor Timothy Bain, D.C., of Bain Complete Wellness is disgusted with our extreme sugar addiction, so he’s launching a one-man mission to teach consumers about the surprising sugar culprits and how to curb their sugar obsession. 

“What’s most shocking is that the average child is taking in more than triple the amount of the daily-recommended allowance of sugar for an adult,” says Bain.  “It’s no wonder America is in a fight against fat. Research shows sugar is a major factor in America’s obesity problem.” 

The statistics show that two-thirds of adults in the U.S. are overweight or obese and numbers will continue to rise as Americans heavily consume added sugars. “Weight-gain potentially brings additional medical problems – some severe,” explains Bain.  “It’s no wonder we are confused – consumers would be shocked if they evaluated foods that don’t scream sugar saturation – the items we eat every day could be killing us.”   

“From Vitamin Water to diet sodas to our children’s snacks labeled all natural or organic, there are dozens of surprising culprits the average consumer might not realize harbors double -- even triple -- the amount of sugar we should be consuming in a 24-hour period,” explains Bain.  “In fact, many people eat 100% or more of their recommended daily sugar allowance by breakfast and don’t even realize it!”   

Hidden sources of sugar are often labeled with another name in the ingredient list; sometimes making it difficult to know how much sugar is in the product.  
At Bain Complete Wellness, counselors, nutritionists and physicians council clients about the importance of a balanced diet in maintaining optimal health. “Becoming aware of the amount of sugar you consume daily is essential to your health,” says Bain.   

Dr. Bain's Top Tips for Cutting Back on Sugar Intake and For Living a Healthier Life: 

  • Read labels for hidden and added sugars: “Checking labels and looking for specific ingredients is a good place to start when trying to limit sugar intake,” says Bain. Hidden and added sugars include: high-fructose corn syrup, lactose, maltose, sucrose and even fruit juice concentrates among many more.
  • Limit your soft drink intake to once a week: “Cut back on unnecessary calories from sugar in soda. Also watch out for sports drinks and vitamin waters because some of these products have even more sugar than soda,” says Bain.
  • Avoid Reduced-Fat Foods: “Opt for reduced-sugar foods instead,” says Bain. One cup of reduced fat French dressing can have as much as 58g of added sugar, or 14 teaspoons, which is much more than the recommended daily limit.
  • Eat balanced meals and exercise regularly: “Eating well-balanced meals and getting regular exercise is important for any person’s over all well-being.”

Dr. Bain and his staff are passionate about teaching people the limits when it comes to sugar.  He is available for media interviews about this topic and delivers a lively, no-nonsense approach to wellness while remaining cognizant of busy lifestyles and convenience living.  Dr. Bain approaches wellness with a can-do attitude and teaches easy actions steps that everyone can easily follow.  

Media Opportunities: Dr. Timothy Bain, of Bain Complete Wellness, is available for interview. Media inquiries please contact Julie Robbins (646) 981-3342 / [email protected] or Kelly Diedring Harris (727) 744-9894 / [email protected].  

About Dr. Bain and Bain Complete Wellness:

Dr. Timothy Bain utilizes a comprehensive, neurological approach to treating patients, and has for many years. He believes that true health is not merely the absence of symptoms. His multi-faceted approach to patient and family care focuses on creating a comprehensive, individualized picture of each patient.  Dr. Bain's holistic approach has helped people with many different types of issues, including: high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, allergies, acid reflux, cancer, irritable bowel syndrome, celiac disease, herniated and bulging discs, headaches, chronic fatigue syndrome, and more. Dr. Bain launched Bain Complete Wellness with the goal of returning patients to 100% function and efficiency while at work and play through optimal chiropractic and complete wellness care. For more information, visit