April 11, 2011 - Innovative Social Networking Strategy Driving Job Seekers Back to Work Faster

LinkedIn Job Search Expert Greig Wells’ offers his top proven online methods to “BeFound©, Be Hunted, and Be Hired”

Tampa, Fla. -- Hundreds of out-of-work Americans are landing their dream jobs in a matter of weeks (and sometimes even days) thanks to social media platforms, such as LinkedIn, and inventive methods for being found by employers. Through the use of search engine optimization (SEO) techniques, keywords and social networking tricks, students of LinkedIn Job Search Expert, Greig Wells, are literally being hunted by potential employers to their online resumes, building important industry connections and increasing the likelihood of landing job interviews.

Greig Wells

“In today's competitive market, the job hunt has changed completely,” says Tampa-based recruitment expert and hiring coach Greig Wells. “For job seekers, it's no longer about hunting down the perfect opportunity, it's about becoming the hunted by the most appropriate employers.”

As a seasoned executive recruiter who spent 13 years advising top companies and their executives on how to find and hire the right people, Wells switched his focus to advising job seekers when his wife found herself suddenly out of work in 2009.  “I saw firsthand how tough it can be to get back in the game when you've been kicked out of it,” recalls Wells. “It wasn't until we developed a comprehensive online strategy, using social networking sites like LinkedIn, that my wife was back to work – and at an even better job than the one she had lost.”

According to Wells, job searches can be shortened from months to just weeks or even days by positioning yourself to be easily found online through a few simple steps:

1) Develop a dynamic career brand that takes advantage of the key words an employer or recruiter might be using when searching online to find an applicant for the job you want.

2) Post your resume (using those same key words) online on a custom website or blog, and then share the URL link on other sites across the Internet, through blogs, forums, and social media sites.

3) Use the social networking site LinkedIn to strengthen your brand (again, using strategic key words) by building more than 500 connections with others in your desired industry, guaranteeing you access to an exponentially growing list of key influencers who will help you be found online.

“In the same way you might use online search engines like Google to help find a restaurant that's in your neighborhood, and within your budget,” Wells explains, “employers are using the Internet to help find the right people with the right skills to meet their needs.”

Wells' unique approach to job hunting has already helped hundreds of people get back to work.

In fact, it’s through the use of these SEO techniques and social networking, that followers of Wells' job hunting methodology are positioning themselves to be found online by potential employers, building important industry connections and increasing the likelihood of landing the most appropriate interviews.

“My goal is to ensure job seekers across the United States have the opportunity to choose the job that's the best fit for them and not to feel pressured to take the first offer that comes along,” says Wells. “This way, not only are hard-working Americans getting back to work faster, they're more likely to exceed in their careers and be happier, more motivated people overall.”

To learn more about Greig Wells' job hunting techniques, visit www.befoundbehired.com.

Media Opportunities: Greig Wells is available for interview on how job seekers can easily become “the hunted” by employers through strategic SEO and social networking techniques. For media inquiries and information, please contact Julie Robbins at (813) 448-7717 or [email protected]

About Greig Wells

Greig Wells is a specialist in LinkedIn profile optimization for job seekers, helping them BeFound©, become the hunted, and be hired. A graduate of Bentley College, a top five private business school in Boston, Greig has 13 years of experience in IT staffing, executive search and recruitment training. He is an expert in the process of finding and hiring top talent worldwide. In 2009, Greig shifted his focus to teaching job seekers how to reverse-engineer the recruitment process   to be found by future employers online through Google searches, and social networking sites such as LinkedIn. Greig offers a full-service online optimization package to job seekers at www.befoundbehired.com, ensuring those who lack the time or expertise to employ Greig's strategies can still have the opportunity to find their dream job.